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Wrecker Melbourne: Your One Stop Wrecking Solution

Were you worried about how to dispose your old or scrapped vehicle? Let not your unused vehicle sit idle in your garage and occupy space. Wrecker Melbourne is your expert local auto wreckers. Not only are we your trusted local car wreckers but also is the most reliable car removal company in and around Melbourne. Established 20 years ago, Wrecker Melbourne has been buying scrap and old cars from the residents of the areas in and around Melbourne. This is our way of helping you get rid of your unused vehicle and also get cash for cars. Our team of 7 employees is always at your service.

Wrecker Melbourne

In the present days, people are no longer interested in merely exchanging their current cars for newer and updated models. Instead they focus on responsible disposing. What if we say that your unused car can fetch you money? Yes, you read it right. Wrecker Melbourne assures you cash for all types of cars. Moreover, as a car removal company, we offer you free car removal service from your place. From van removal to truck removal – we have you sorted for all kinds of removal services, without the hassle of any extra charge. As commercial wreckers, we assure you responsible wrecking of your vehicle which includes recycling of the scrap parts. Our scrap metal recycling is one of the many things which our clients trust about us. From scrap copper and brass to scrap batteries – we assure you best price for scrap batteries.

Wrecker Melbourne offers you the best cash for cars deal. All you need to do is to call us. The rest will be taken care of by our team at Wrecker Melbourne.

Efficient Services without any Hidden Charges

At Wrecker Melbourne, we believe in giving you the best of services. Moreover, none of our services come with any hidden extra charge. Whatever may be the condition of your car, we will pay you on spot and get the car removal done from your place. As one of the most esteemed automobile towing companies in and around Melbourne, we believe it is our duty to tow your unused and unwanted car from your place.

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Wrecker Melbourne

Wide Variety of Services

As a commercial wrecker, Wrecker Melbourne offers you responsible car disposing services but that is not all. We not only offer our clients the best cash for unwanted cars deal but also the most competitive copper wire price. As we are also interested in used electric motors, we buy car engine & engine parts. From semi truck engine to best truck engine – we have you sorted. The other types of engines we can help you with are:

  • Manual transmission diesel engine
  • Automatic transmission diesel engine
  • Manual transmission petrol engine
  • Automatic transmission petrol engine

At Wreckers Melbourne, efficient services meet honest pricing.

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