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Scrap Car Removal Melbourne | Swap your Unused Cars for Cash at Wreckers Melbourne

Are you worried about what to do with the vehicle that is not serving its purpose for you anymore? Well, fret no more. Not only will you be able to do away with your unused car but also will get cash in return. For the last 20 years, Wreckers Melbourne has been providing cash for unwanted cars for all its clients in and around Melbourne. Moreover, as of the most reliable automobile towing companies in and around Melbourne, if you are opting to swap your unused and old car for our cash for all type of cars deal, we will provide you free car removal service. Hence, at Wreckers Melbourne, you get to swap your old car for cash without even a speck of hassle.

Wrecker Melbourne

Get Quality Used Parts for all types of Vehicles

As we have been engaged as commercial wreckers for the last 2 decades, we also provide you with quality used parts for all kinds of vehicles. From used electric motors to industrial electric motors – you will get them all at Wreckers Melbourne. As we deal with all kinds of vehicles, we will be able to provide you all kinds of used vehicle parts which are still good in quality. You can totally trust us and buy car engine & car parts from us. Among the various car parts and car engines you can buy from us are:

  • Semi truck engine
  • Manual transmission diesel engine
  • Automatic transmission diesel engine
  • Manual transmission petrol engine
  • Automatic transmission petrol engine

You will get the best truck engine only at Wreckers Melbourne.

Why is Wreckers Melbourne your best Local Auto Wreckers?

  • Best price for the scrap or unwanted vehicles
  • On spot cash for cars payment
  • All vehicles are picked up free of charge from their present address
  • Free towing service
  • All vehicles are wrecked with the best quality equipments
  • Dedicated scrap metals recycling
  • No harm caused to the surrounding areas during the wrecking process
  • Aluminium rims repair service
  • Best price for scrap batteries
  • Reliable and efficient services
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At Wreckers Melbourne, efficient services meet honest pricing.

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